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Hair Testing Kits: What Are the Results of the Lab Tests?

Finding out if you have any hair issues can be done by purchasing a hair testing kit. Additionally, it can assist you in identifying any medications you may be taking that may contribute to hair loss.

The PDT-90(a) hair testing kit from Psychemedics Corporation is a smart idea on many levels. This proprietary testing kit can identify drug usage in your child within 90 days and is intended to be an enjoyable and nonthreatening learning experience. In hair samples steamed and sanitized for exterior pollutants, a unique radioimmunoassay screen was used to find five different drugs: marijuana, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamines, and cannabis. Additionally, it uses a "code" accepted in the sector to deliver anonymized findings, a feature previously only available to drug and crime lords.

The brand-new, ground-breaking ezHOME Multi-Drug Hair Test provides a complete 90-day drug history report. You can use this verified test to determine what medicines you've taken. By taking the sample as close to the scalp as possible, the test is made to ensure no external contaminants. After being cleaned, the sample is put in an envelope for overnight testing. For the test, it is advised that you use at least 50 strands of hair.

The test is meant to find the most often used substances of abuse. It uses a human hair sample to identify the numerous compounds, including prescription medicines, that are present in the hair. These include marijuana, opiates, cocaine, and heroin. The outcome will show whether or not you've used the drug, depending on the kind of drug that was found.

The method of drug testing known as GC-MS separates various compounds into aliquots. It is also employed to figure out a drug's concentration. The gold standard for scientific analytical techniques is this one. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are combined in GC-MS. The initial MS ionizes the sample, creating a distinct mass spectrum. The parent ions are then filtered to let particular fragments pass into the second MS. This gives the substance a "molecular fingerprint."

Testing for drugs and the environment frequently involves the use of GC-MS. It can be used, for instance, to examine volatile organic molecules in water. It can also be used to find illegal drugs during athletic tournaments. Analysis of fire debris is another use for it. Additionally, GC-MS can be used to validate other drug testing techniques. It can be used, for instance, to find out when someone last smoked marijuana. It can also be used to assess whether a person has abused drugs.

Hair testing makes the difficult chore of learning someone's drug past a little more bearable. A typical scalp hair sample is around 1.5 inches long and contains data for roughly 90 days, which is sufficient for a quick assessment. A lengthier hair sample taken from the back of the head can determine up to a year's drug exposure.

Numerous medical tests are also available to determine whether you've been doing it incorrectly in addition to hair testing. Hair testing is used in several clinical trials as a gauge of success. Hair testing may not be for everyone, but it makes sense for those who want to pay as little as possible for the most precise information.

Reliable drug testing kits for home usage are available from numerous different brands. Some of these packages have shipping expenses included. You can view the test results online or dial a toll-free number, depending on the test. PDT-90 (r), HairConfirm (r), and Test Country's 365-Day Hair Drug Testing Package for Parents are some of the most trustworthy hair drug testing kits.

Schools, police departments, and courts accept the PDT-90 (r) as a reliable drug test. To identify drug use, it analyzes hair strands and measures cutoff levels. One of the most reliable at-home drug tests is this proprietary technology. Numerous large US firms also utilize it as a test. You can prevent your child from abusing drugs by using this test.

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