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What Do Lab Tests Include: Hair Testing Kit

Hair testing has become an increasingly popular method for drug and alcohol screening due to its accuracy and an extended detection window. Whether for employment purposes, legal cases, or personal health monitoring, a hair testing kit can provide valuable insights into an individual's drug or alcohol use history. In this article, we will explore what a hair testing kit includes and how it works to provide accurate and comprehensive results.

Understanding Hair Testing

Hair testing, also known as hair follicle testing, is a method that detects the presence of drugs or alcohol in an individual's system by analyzing a hair sample. This type of testing offers several advantages over other methods, including a longer detection window of up to 90 days or more, the ability to identify chronic drug use patterns, and a non-invasive collection process.

What Does a Hair Testing Kit Include?

A hair testing kit typically contains the necessary tools and instructions for collecting a hair sample and sending it to a laboratory for analysis. Here is what you can expect to find in a typical hair testing kit:

Hair Collection Materials: The kit will include materials for collecting a hair sample, which is usually a pair of sterile scissors or clippers. These tools are used to cut a small portion of hair from the individual's scalp or body.

Collection Envelope or Pouch: A sealed envelope or pouch is provided for placing the hair sample after collection. It is essential to follow the instructions for sealing the sample properly to maintain its integrity during shipping.

Chain of Custody Form: A chain of custody form is included, which must be completed with accurate information about the individual being tested. This form helps track the sample from collection to analysis, ensuring its integrity and preventing tampering.

Shipping Materials: The kit will include a pre-addressed and pre-paid shipping label or envelope for sending the sample to the laboratory. It is crucial to use the provided shipping materials to ensure the sample reaches its destination securely.

Laboratory Analysis: The most crucial component of the kit is the laboratory analysis. Once the hair sample arrives at the laboratory, it undergoes a series of tests to detect the presence of drugs or alcohol. The laboratory will use advanced techniques like enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to provide accurate and comprehensive results.

How Does a Hair Testing Kit Work?

Now that we know what a hair testing kit includes, let's take a closer look at how it works:

Sample Collection: The first step is to collect a hair sample from the individual being tested. This typically involves cutting a small section of hair close to the scalp, usually from the back of the head. The sample should be at least 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) long, as shorter samples may not provide sufficient data.

Packaging: After collecting the hair sample, it is placed in the provided collection envelope or pouch. The chain of custody form is filled out with accurate information, including the individual's name, date of collection, and any other required details.

Shipping: The sealed envelope containing the hair sample and the completed chain of custody form is shipped to the designated laboratory using the pre-paid shipping materials provided in the kit. It is essential to follow the shipping instructions carefully to ensure the sample's integrity.

Laboratory Analysis: Upon arrival at the laboratory, the hair sample undergoes a series of tests to detect the presence of drugs or alcohol. The laboratory uses sophisticated equipment and validated testing methods to provide accurate results. The hair shaft acts as a chronological record of drug or alcohol use, allowing for the identification of patterns and the duration of use.

Result Reporting: Once the analysis is complete, the laboratory generates a detailed report of the findings. This report is typically sent to the requesting party, such as an employer, legal authority, or healthcare provider. It provides information on the detected substances, their levels, and the detection window.

Key Benefits of Hair Testing Kits

Hair testing kits offer several advantages over other drug testing methods:
Extended Detection Window: Hair testing can detect drug or alcohol use within the past 90 days or more, providing a comprehensive overview of an individual's substance use history.
Accuracy: Hair testing is highly accurate and less susceptible to adulteration or tampering compared to other methods like urine testing.

Non-Invasive: Hair collection is non-invasive and does not require specialized personnel for sample collection.

Comprehensive Data: Hair testing can identify  wide range of drugs and alcohol, offering valuable insights for various purposes, including employment screening, legal cases, and addiction treatment.

A hair testing kit is a valuable tool for obtaining accurate and comprehensive information about an individual's drug or alcohol use history. With its extended detection window and high accuracy, hair testing has become a preferred method in many fields, including employment, law enforcement, and healthcare. By understanding what a hair testing kit includes and how it works, individuals and organizations can make informed decisions and obtain reliable results for their specific needs.

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